Whatever you want to ship

With our multipurpose fleet we are able to ship any kind of cargo.

We can meet your requirement. Regardless of size, weight and quantity, for a wide range of industries we are capable to offer the most suitable shipping solution. Our versatile fleet of own, managed and chartered vessels is ranging from abt 2.000 dwat to about 40.000 dwat and is equipped with superior deck strengths and powerful on-board cranes, which allow for swift loading and unloading anywhere, regardless of the port infrastructure.

The vessels are ideal for almost all types of bulk commodities including grains, fertilizer, minerals, building materials, bio fuels and other raw materials but as well breakbulk cargo including pipes, steel coils, sawn-timber, bagged commodities and various out of gauge project cargoes.


View details about any unpacked cargo such as grain or coal for our
multipurpose vessels >>


Pipes, bags, cars or wood –
we have smoothly handled hundreds of
shippings with all types of breakbulk >>


For every cargo which is not standard but heavy-lift and to be handled with special care we have the right solution >>


The total capacity of our fleet is 9496 TEU,
we handle all types of container >>


For the transport of dangerous goods
our vessels are classified for
IMO cargo from 1 to 9 >>