The types of breakbulk cargo can be as diverse as you can imagine. we have successfully processed all kinds of breakbulk and we always look forward to the next challenge.

The cargo ranges from pipes, bags, vehicles, boats and construction machinery to turbines, ship propellers and large engines, logs as well as sawn timber. Our vessels used for breakbulk shipping are outfitted with cranes and other special equipment designed to accommodate these types of loads. Our crews are well experiencedin handling all types of breakbulk which always requires expertise, flexibility and ingenuity.

Examples of Breakbulk

  • Aluminium
  • Granite Blocks
  • Stainless Steel Coils
  • Stainless Steel plates
  • Steel Plate / Steel Coils / Steel Sections
  • Steel Angles / Steel Pipes / Steel Tubes
  • Wire Rod in Coil
  • Big Bags Rutile
  • Big Bags Zircon
  • Big Bags Chrome Sand
  • Marble Blocks
  • Crates of Machinery
  • Machinery
  • Earthmoving Equipment

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