Maria Luisa

Main particulars

Multipurpose Dry Cargo Ship / Container
strengthened for Heavy Cargo
MS “Maria Luisa” Schifffahrts GmbH & Co. KG
Managing Owner
Held Bereederungs GmbH & Co.KG
Dalian Shipyard Co., Ltd. / Dalian
Antigua & Barbuda
Port of Registry
St. John’s
Call sign
Vessels class
100A5 E with freeboard 4.315 m G IW ERS
SOLAS-II-2, Reg. 19 C2P56, MC E AUT

General Dimensions

192,90 m
182.00 m
27,80 m
Draft scantling
11,20 m
Draft design
10,00 m
abt. 30.000 mts on a draft of 11,20 m scantling
abt. 24.400 mts on a draft of 10,00 m
Design figures are given on basis of sea water with a specific gravity of 1,025
47,050 mt basis SSW draft of 11.20 m
23.132 GT / 9.375 NT
20.285 NT
23.514 GT / 20.171 NT
according to Danube Rules


2 single cranes
2 x 100 mts lifting capacity
basis 32 m outreach, combinable to 200 mts basis less outreach incl. lifting beam/gear for holds no. 2+3 (ps/stb)
1 twin crane
2 x 50 mts lifting capacity
basis 27 m outreach (45 mts basis 30 m outreach), combinable with crane no. 2 single crane to 200 mts incl. lifting beam/gear for cargo holds no. 4 (ps/stb)

Deck strength

hold 2, 3, 4: abt. 22.0 mts/m2
hold 1, 5: abt. 14.9 mts/m2
abt. 3.5 mts/m2
Hatch Covers
abt. 2.5 mts/m2

Hatches & holds

Hatch covers
Folding Type
with hydraulic operation
steel floored
suitable for grab discharge
smoke detection system
anti-heeling tanks
Australian type approved hold ladders (AMSA former AWWF)
Holds 2–4
centerline bulkheads
Vessel has double hull with no fuel tanks in double bottom, nor in direct contact with the outer shell.

Hold capacities

Hold no. 1
1 x 5.619,17 cbm (Container)
Hold no. 2
2 x 4.100,66 cbm (grain/bale)
Hold no. 3
2 x 4.143,47 cbm (grain/bale)
Hold no. 4
2 x 4.143.47 cbm (grain/bale)
Hold no. 5
2 x 2.112,26 cbm (Container)
Total capacity
holds 2–4: 24.775 cbm (grain/bale)

Hold dimensions

Hold no. 1 (fore)
12.80 m x 15.40 m x 15.77 m
Hold no. 1 (aft)
12.80 m x 20.40 m x 15.77 m
Hold no. 2–4 (p)
25.60 m x 10.30 m x 15.77 m
Hold no. 2–4 (s)
25.60 m x 10.30 m x 15.77 m
Hold no. 5 (p)
12.80 m x 10.30 m x 15.77 m
Hold no. 5 (s)
12.80 m x 10.30 m x 15.77 m
HEIGHT Holds no. 2–4
two levels of tweendeck pontoons at following levels:
Tanktop to underneath td
6.23 m
Tanktop to underneath td
9.34 m
Total clear heights in holds no. 2–4 without td:
Tanktop to underneath hatch cover
15.77 m


Container intake
total max 1,829 ISO standard containers
of 20/8/8’6’’, which are 1,749 TEU of 20/8/8’6’’ + 40 FEU of 40/8/8’6’’
hold 706 TEU + 40 FEU
deck 1,043 TEU
max 1,824 ISO standard container units
of 20/8/8’6’’, which are 884 FEU of 40/8/8’6’’ + 56 TEU of 20/8/8’6’
hold 358 FEU + 56 TEU
deck 516 FEU
The container intake and stowage is always subject to stability, trim, lashing plan, permissible stress, lash forces, visibility regulations, local and/or port regulations and strength of deck, hatch covers and tank top visibility. Damage control regulations to be kept.
about 1,350 TEU at 14 ts
homogeneous load according
IMO rules with centre of gravity of 45%
holds no. 1 + 5 – cellular
holds no. 2, 3, 4 – non cellular
Vessel is fitted with loose lashing material/fittings for abt. 1/3 of the maximum load of containers.
150 reefer plugs on deck
The vessel’s power plant is able to provide up to abt. 1100 KW electrical power for the supply of reefer units at sea service and up to 300 kW at maneuvering.
holds no. 1–5
144 mts/TEU, 180 mts/FEU
35 mts/TEU, 45 mts/FEU
Upper deck cellular
90 mts/TEU, 110 mts/FEU
All weights are given on a “per stack” basis. Distribution of container-weights within a single 20’/40’ stack to comply with the board manual for stowage and lashing of containers approved by the classification society.


Main engine
Auxiliary engines
1 x ZJMD MAN B+W7L23/30H
2 x ZJMD MAN-B+W Type 6L23/30H
Emergency Generator MAN D2866 TE Set
Bow thruster
900 kW Output


abt. 19.4 knots on abt. 62.4 mts per day / abt. 90% MCR
abt. 19.0 knots on abt. 59.0 mts per day / abt. 85% MCR
abt. 18.0 knots on abt. 50.4 mts per day / abt. 72% MCR
abt. 17.0 knots on abt. 44.4 mts per day / abt. 61% MCR
abt. 16.0 knots on abt. 38.5 mts per day / abt. 51% MCR
abt. 15.0 knots on abt. 34.0 mts per day / abt. 40% MCR
abt. 12.5 knots on abt. 24.0 mts per day / abt. 25% MCR
All speed/consumption values are given basis ISO fuel standard 8217:2012 RMG 380, 380CST. The speed/consumption details are given basis design draft, good weather/smooth sea, no counter current up to max. Beaufort force 2 / Douglas Sea state 2 and basis clean bottom and even keel and basis ISO standard conditions and allowing 5 % main engine manufacturers’ tolerance. Fuel oil in accordance with ISO fuel standard 8217:2012 RMG 380, 380 CST at 50 degrees Celsius. The marine diesel oil supplied to be in accordance with ISO fuel standard 8217:2012 DMA and the low Sulphur content regulations for the Sulphur Emission Control Areas. Additional consumption at sea for aux. engines: (IFO 380 cst ) abt. 4.0 mts/day basis no reefers connected. Additional abt. 6.5 mts/day basis full load of reefers.
Additional consumption in port
(IFO 380 cst)
abt. 4.5 mts basis idle
abt. 5.0 mts basis all cranes working
abt. 6.0 mts basis full load of reefers
The main engine not to be operated below 25% MCR and every two days and within a period of one hour the power to be increased to 60% MCR. Thereafter vessel to steam with minimum 60% MCR for 30 minutes and the power to be decreased to low load again within the following 30 minutes. Slow steaming operation to be performed with due consideration to safe navigation. Additional consumption of IFO for auxiliaries/boiler while sailing with a load less than 50 pct MCR and due to increase up to 60 pct ME load every two days. Operation, the Master/Owner has the right to increase M/E power above the cut-in point of the aux. blower to avoid any damages to vessels engines. Vessel is not fitted for cold ironing operations.


abt. 2,908 m3
abt. 139 m3
Lub oil
abt. 129.5 m3
Fresh water
abt. 287 m3
Ballast water
abt. 12,279  m3
No mixing of bunkers allowed.

All details are given “about”, wog and in good faith.